1964 Citroen Ds – What in the actual?

Don’t ask me, I just write here. And I don’t think other Citroen Ds owners would have the foggiest idea either what’s happening. But anywhoos, meet ‘Athena.’ Falling to bits on the inside and…uh…well there’s certainly quite the show on the outside isn’t there!

It’s been a while since the last Citroen graced these pages

And for that trip in the Drive Another Day tardis you need to go back to 2018 when I was having oodles of fun rolling around the Llyods auction yards seeing what automotive oddities came in week by week. And that was a Citroen SM becoming one with the native grassland not a Citroen Ds, so this is a first for the D’s.

What’s also a first for this place is a car shaped like a woman, or at least a close approximation of one.

Obviously having a bad day (or she’s badly hungover) the new owner can enjoy sitting roughly on her neck and shoulder area and gaze at the scenery (and oncoming traffic as well as the army of onlookers) over a hair-do who’s sheer size eclipses the beehive Kate Pearson from the B52’s was famous for.
And yes, your eyes do not deceive you, passengers in the rear will be enjoying the view…from Athena’s rear. I mean part of it is already taking up some of the back window, you couldn’t not see bits of her bum if you tried. (And I can’t believe here in my time writing a car blog that something along those lines would ever come up, but here we are.)

Speaking of the view from the rear…in the rear, it might be some time before anyone shares that experience on the account of the interior of this Citroen Ds slowly rotting away. There’s every chance if you sit in the back in the state it is now, most of the seat will probably stick and come out with you upon your escape.

‘That’s fine, I’ll just drive this Citroen Ds myself and cherish Athena from the front’ you jest before adding something witty in French that I don’t understand. Oh no you won’t horn bag, not without a tetanus shot and possibly some bug spray.

Luckily she still drives, so you can limp Athena to the nearest hangover clinic hairdresser upholstery/Citroen Ds parts repository/France.

Her name is Athena she’s looking for a new home last fired up 2 years ago. She will run but needs tank drained cleaned at least. Open to trades

Athena’s owner Matt

Yes for $6000 USD you can have something that once looked like this:

Although I’m not exactly sure who the market for this particular Citroen DS is – French motoring fans who didn’t feel the DS was womanly enough? Someone short of an easy to transport parade float? Single guys who love their cars a little too much?
And somehow I can’t think the extra…er…curves? Would help it in any classic rally series. But then Athena doesn’t look like she’s up for a bash around the gravel, she seems more keen on a berrocca and a few days in bed with all the lights off.

But hey, who am I to judge. Maybe Athena is the Citroen Ds of your dreams and in that case you can empty the bank account and fly to San Dimas, CA to be united with your one true love. As the romantics in France like to say:

Mon Dieu, ce sable grillé qui contient un peu trop d’ail.

But finally, why is this Citroen called Athena?

Now just in case you’re wondering about the name, I think it stemmed from this:

The name DS and ID are puns in the French language. “DS” is pronounced exactly like déesse, lit. ’goddess’, whereas “ID” is pronounced as idée (‘idea’).

Citroen DS on Wikipedia

You’re welcome.

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