2001 PT Cruiser – one ugly haircut

A sentence never heard in car circles: ‘Boy was the PT Cruiser desirable!’ (Up there with ‘Boy is my rotary engine both reliable AND economical!’ and ‘how cheap is petrol in 2024!’)

Slow, thirsty and with terrible handling and a cheap interior to boot, the only thing that stood out was how different they looked to just about everything else on the road.

Sadly though I don’t think hacking bits off one and turning it into a trike would boost the appeal of a PT Cruiser at all, but someone has tried and obviously loved the outcome so much…they’ve put it up for sale!

Yes you too could be the proud owner of this 2001 PT Cruiser, although I’m not exactly sure what you’d do with it once they handed over the keys..

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75 Gremlin – unleash the German power!

Ooh, dare I say this out loud? Has the Facebook Algorithm finally figured me out? Judging by popping this ripper 75 Gremlin in my feed this morning while I chugged away on the 2nd brew of the day, I’d say it’s well on it’s way!*

*Unfortunately Facebook soon suggested some other non car related pages that I should follow that look like the absolute drizzling poos, so maybe not.

But still, let’s appreciate this BMW powered 1975 AMC Gremlin!

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Nissan 370z – drop the body and slide!

Nissan 370z

I was just thinking the other morning that it’d had been a while since I’d seen a truly mental build of anything for this page and lo and behold, the universe provided with this monster effort – a Nissan 370z drift juggernaut with a Patrol overcoat and whatever else it can find scattered around the garage!

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Runs good! The 91 Miata almost ready to roll

91 Miata

Yes I know we call them Mx5’s down under as well as other places. Yes it might need a new transmission before you get lost in the dessert with it, but how awesome is the setup in this 1991 Miata anyway? Snap on some goggles, wrap a scarf over your mouth as you have at it, churning the sand, dirt and everything else like it’s nobody’s business!

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6 things I love in the Mazda 6. And 3 I don’t.

2012 Mazda 6 Touring

Yes the good news is, I bought my next car here at Driveanotherday HQ. The bad news is, I still have the Subaru here glaring daggers at the far newer 2012 Mazda 6. Still, potential car animosity aside I’m slowly getting to grips with all the bells and whistles of this Mazda 6 Touring Edition (and there’s quite a few of them) and after roughly a week there’s some things I love and a couple of bits I reckon definitely have room for improvement..

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Time for a pre purchase car inspection!

Pre purchase car inspection Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

While it’s doubtful that a an hour long pre purchase car inspection would have picked up the head gasket issues on my 2005 Subaru, undoubtedly the mechanic would have noted the dried coolant spills. And possibly pointed out the age of the pipework on the radiator, maybe even zoomed in on the cracks I didn’t properly look for and note that ‘these will need to be replaced.’ Plus their fault code reader would have had the settings for Subaru, where as mine doesn’t seem to know a Subi if you threw it at them (it’s more Subi software being a little more out of the ballpark than most generic readers it seems.)

Would I still have bought it knowing the faults? Maybe. Possibly. Especially if I used what was found in the pre purchase inspection to lower the price. But then I’d also run the results past someone with more knowledge in these things that me. Regardless knowing what I know now, I’m not buying another car without one..

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1983 Other Ford – mobile cubby house!

Other ford

I get that the prices of materials have reached epic heights this year and you have to improvise. Likewise I love the fact that Facebook could only classify this project as ‘Other Ford.’
But now that this 1983 Other Ford project has been unearthed online and revealed to be for sale…I wondering who would buy it and why? which sawmill is going to snap it up first as a promo car.

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1995 Chrysler LeBaron – meet the Humdinger!

1995 Chrysler LeBaron

Remember that episode of Top Gear where there lads created their own car, the Hammerhead Eagle-1 Thrust? For a moment I thought this Chrysler LeBaron was one of theirs too. But no, it’s another of those incredibly unique builds you find on Facebook classifieds looking for a new owner!

But are you ready to take this award winner home and make it your own? Let’s find out!

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Let’s get lifted! 1995 Mazda Mx5

Well this is a rarity isn’t it? This Facebook found 95 Mx5 not only comes with a lot of pictures (not taken with a potato) but also has a decent write up AND on top of things, looks like an absolute hoot to drive. What could possibly go wrong here? Welcome to Safari style!

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1964 Citroen Ds – What in the actual?

Citroen ds

Don’t ask me, I just write here. And I don’t think other Citroen Ds owners would have the foggiest idea either what’s happening. But anywhoos, meet ‘Athena.’ Falling to bits on the inside and…uh…well there’s certainly quite the show on the outside isn’t there!

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DNA contains traces of a Chevrolet Suburban..

You know you’ve been playing a little too much Fallout 4 when you see something like this 2000 Chevrolet Suburban and think ‘Well that would actually sit nicely in the radioactive wastelands..’

And unlike the Buick Roadmaster I posted up earlier, most of the car seems to be here. And what isn’t has been replaced with something else anyway!

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93 Buick Roadmaster – rough holiday road

Okay, it’s not the same model as the classic road wagon of National Lampoons Vacation, but if you squint (a lot) and do that from a far distance while inhebriated, you might think it’s close. Of course there’s a lot of work involved in getting this Buick Roadmaster good to go for the next ride to Wally’s World..

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